ACH Processing

Cost-effective and efficient.

ACH payments transfer funds from one bank account directly to another without the use of a paper check, eCheck, credit card or debit card while minimizing per-transaction processing fees and facilitating a low volume of ACH returns.

ACH Processing

Faster, Simpler, Safer

Send or Receive Payments Simply

After the initial setup in your CRM, account information and batches are sent automatically to be processed quickly and securely by Valmar Merchant Services’ payment gateway. In most cases, this process is fully automated following the first transaction.

Transfer Funds Safely

ACH payments provide an optimal level of security. Electronic banking information passes through multiple high-level checkpoints before routing back to our ACH gateway where funds are held until the transaction is settled with the merchant.

Trust Us as Your Processing Partner

As with all our processing products, you can count on real-time reporting, ACH return mitigation, fraud alerts, and assisting in the settlement of any payment no matter the regulatory complexity of your business.

Save Money on Transaction Fees

ACH payments incur fewer fees than credit or debit transactions by minimizing steps in the transfer process.
Save money

Increase Security With Direct Transfers

Eliminate vulnerability points and offer a secure electronic option for customers who don’t use credit or debit cards.
Increased Security

Protection With Fraud Mitigation Tools

Our robust parameters of fraud filters and monitoring tools are always scanning and searching for ways to protect your bottom line.
Fraud Protection

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