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We’re committed to being a trusted partner to our clients and providing reliable, accessible, and transparent payment processing solutions–even in “high-risk” industries such as CBD and hemp, kratom, debt collection, online lending, and e-commerce.
Transparent Pricing - No Hidden Fees

ACH Processing

ACH processing is a cost effective and efficient way of funding or receiving payments from your customers. Whether you utilize standard or same-day ACH originations, our solution will be tailored to fit your unique operational needs.

Debit/Credit Card Processing

Our direct banking partnerships allow us to cut out the middleman, and we pass that considerable savings of onboarding time and fees back to you. Get immediate access to all major gateways via API and start moving more money, fast.

Push to Card/Instant Funding

Transfer cash to your customer’s debit card in real-time with Instant Funding, ensuring a high level of satisfaction – and, in turn, repeat business – when customers rely on you most.

eCheck/Check 21 Processing

Utilize this electronic form of payment to manage your lending portfolio’s overall return rates with fewer barriers to successfully receiving funds.

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Why Valmar?

Transparency and Trust, with a Personal Touch

We’re able to provide superior stability, clarity, and service to businesses in so-called “high-risk industries” because we come from the online lending and collections industries. We understand first-hand the problems you’re dealing with, and Valmar Merchant Services is literally built to solve them.

Bank Redundancy

Every transaction, for every purchase, every second of each day counts. We know that downtime becomes very costly very fast – for both your bottom line and your reputation – so you can trust Valmar Merchant Services to keep your payment processor up and running.

We partner with numerous banks that are open to high-risk accounts like CBD businesses, kratom, debt collection, online lending and e-commerce to provide unmatched redundancy and unparalleled stability.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re leading a legacy enterprise, we’re here to help you navigate change, scale your processing services with your business growth, and develop custom solutions for your business’s unique needs and regulatory requirements.

Transparent Pricing

We believe merchants should make informed decisions regarding their payment processing provider, so we utilize the Transparent Interchange Plus pricing model and share our fees up front.

With no hidden fees you can confidently manage your transaction expenses with Valmar Merchant Services as a trusted partner.

Top Notch Customer Service

Our merchants are provided with the expertise they need to mitigate risk and ensure compliance. Our in-house experts have certifications in industry-specific verticals such as CBD and hemp, as well as risk and compliance, and in the overall payment space – and we’re constantly sharpening our skills.

With Valmar Merchant Services, you will be paired with a Client Success Manager that will guide you through the setup process and continue to be the main point of contact actively invested in your success.

Our clients experience an elevated level of personal service with communication at the forefront, creating a positive experience for our merchants.

Seamless Onboarding Process

Valmar Merchant Services is already integrated with all of the major payment processing gateways, ensuring a seamless onboarding process with no downtime, no business disruptions, and no hassle for you and your team.

We are a full-service payment processor ready to handle every aspect of the transaction process, including: sales, document intake, fast underwriting, merchant support, and ongoing monitoring and regulatory compliance.

Plus, you’ll never reach a call center at the other end of our phone number. When you need support, you’ll speak to the team you know and trust for the white-glove treatment you expect.

Real-Time Reporting and Fraud Mitigation Tools

Get real-time batch and transaction visibility where and when you need it. The portal is straightforward and simple to navigate. Trust us, your accounting team will thank you.

Secure every transaction with end-to-end encryption and customizable fraud detection parameters defined according to your most urgent concerns.

Valmar Merchant Services’ chargeback mitigation tools keep your chargebacks under control, providing you with longevity by helping you operate well under card brand thresholds, even in high-risk industries.

Unsurpassed Customer Service


Our direct banking partnerships allow us to cut out the middleman and pass considerable savings on to you.


Take full control with fraud filters and monitoring tools, and protect your bottom line.


Get real-time transaction visibility accessible through your unique portal ID.


Immediate access to all major gateways via API
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“Really appreciate having the team at Valmar to reach out to for questions or issues. They’re always eager to help. It wasn’t like that for us with our last processor.”

CEO, Empower Processing

“I’ve worked with Valmar Merchant Services for quite some time and have never once felt like an afterthought as their team focuses on making sure my questions are answered quickly and needs are always met. We switched to Valmar because they make us feel like a partner rather than just another customer to be forgotten. Truly thankful to have chosen Valmar!”

CEO, I Love Growing
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