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Transparent pricing, Real time reporting & analytics, Unsurpassed customer service, Seamless integration, and Tools to mitigate fraud

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Our Mission

We’re on a mission to provide a payment processing solution with transparent pricing and exceptional customer service for merchants large and small.



Behind each and every transaction, security and reliability are key. At Valmar, we have you covered. Our solutions are PCI compliant. They have end-to-end encryption with customizable fraud detection parameters.

Banking Redundancy

Valmar Merchant Services is a wholesale ISO with multiple banking partnerships. We are able to provide the redundancy needed to mitigate downtime or disruption. This ensures we can meet the increasing volume requirements of your growing business.

Scalable to your needs

We excel in implementing tailored solutions no matter the complexities of your business. Accept payments online with all the major gateways, or we’ll ship you a mobile payment device that’s the perfect fit for you retail needs.

With multi-industry expertise you can rest assured we are the right fit for you.

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