4 Reason You Should be Making Reels

Est. Reading Time -3 | July 17th, 2023
Making Reels

Social media is a great way for your business to stay connected to your customer base in a friendly and interactive way. The “Reels” feature on Instagram and Facebook is becoming increasingly popular and offers companies more avenues to interact with customers.

What are Reels?

Reels are short, interactive videos that you can create and post on your company Instagram or Facebook profile for customers to watch. They’re typically around 30 seconds long, and can be made in either real-time or re-edited from actual pre-recorded footage. They typically capture exciting moments or highlights of the business, and can be anything from showcasing a behind-the-scenes tour of the business, to offering a sneak peek into an upcoming product launch.


The Benefits of Creating and Posting Reels
Increased Visibility

Reels are a great way to get your company’s name and message out there.  They more likely to reach a wider audience, as reels are more widely seen and shared.  Your posts are generally seen only by your followers, however, reels can be seen by those who do not yet follow you.

Strengthen Brand Image

Reels can be used to showcase your values, ethos, and unique selling point in a fun and engaging way. This helps to strengthen your brand image and boost recognition. The visuals used in Reels combined with creative copy and effects create a more powerful impression of your business than a static post or photo, making them more likely to be shared by your customers.

Engage with Customers

Reels are a great way to engage with customers as they provide an informal and humorous way of telling a story. People can watch and learn about your business in a way that doesn’t feel too corporate and can even be interactive.

Generate More Leads

Reels offer your business the opportunity to create engaging and entertaining content.  Because they can be seen by followers and non-followers, the increased visibility can lead to more leads and potential customers.


Reels can be used as a powerful tool to engage and connect with your customers in an fun way. It’s a great way to promote your brand and further boost brand recognition. So if you’re looking for an effective way to gain leads and engage with your customer base, creating and posting Reels is a great option.

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