The Cost of Downtime – Why Payment Stability is Your Lifeline

Est. Reading Time -3 min. | May 22nd, 2024
The Cost of Downtime - Why Payment Stability is Your Lifeline

The reliability of your payment processing is not just a feature of your business operations; it’s the backbone. For retail and e-commerce business owners, the reliability of your payment processing translates directly to the financial health of your enterprise and the level of trust your customers place in you. This importance underscores a critical yet often overlooked aspect: the tangible and intangible costs associated with payment processing system downtime, including the ramifications of having your merchant account frozen or shut down. Thus payment stability should be at the top of your priority list.

Financial Impact of Downtime

First and foremost, the immediate effect of payment processing downtime is financial loss. Every second your system is down translates to lost revenue. For an ecommerce business, whose existence is predicated on the ability to carry out transactions at any time from any place, this can be particularly devastating. Customers who encounter problems during checkout are highly likely to abandon their cart.  The likelihood of them returning to complete their purchase diminishes sharply. For physical retail businesses, the inability to process payments can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a loss of sales as potential buyers take their business elsewhere.

Damage to Customer Trust & Loyalty

Beyond the immediate financial toll, payment instability can severely damage customer trust and loyalty.  Unfortunately, these aspects are incredibly hard to earn and remarkably easy to lose. Providing a smooth, hassle-free payment experience is crucial to retaining customer loyalty, because alternatives options for your customers are plentiful. Downtime not only frustrates customers but also plants a seed of doubt in their minds regarding your reliability.

Brand Reputation at Stake

The ripple effects of payment processing downtime extend to your brand’s reputation as well. With social media and online reviews, word about problems with your brand can spread rapidly, painting your business in an unfavorable light. The lost transaction is at stake as well as the broader perception of your brand’s reliability. A tarnished reputation makes it difficult to attract new customers and can even lead to erosion of your existing customer base.

The Hidden Cost of Lost Opportunities

Lastly, consider the hidden cost of lost opportunities. Downtime not only affects current sales but also impacts future revenue streams. First-time visitors who encounter a glitch in the payment process are less likely to return, eliminating the potential for future transactions. Moreover, for an e-commerce site, upselling and cross-selling opportunities are lost if customers cannot complete an initial purchase smoothly.

The cost of payment processing downtime extends far beyond immediate financial loss. It impacts customer trust, brand reputation, operational efficiency, and the potential for future sales. Ensuring the stability of your payment processing should, therefore, be a top priority. By choosing a reliable payment processing partner, you safeguard not just your revenue but the very reputation and future of your business.


The VMS Advantage

Every transaction, for every purchase, every second of each day counts. We know that downtime becomes very costly very fast – for both your bottom line and your reputation – so you can trust Valmar Merchant Services to keep your payment processing up and running. We partner with numerous banks that are open to high-risk accounts like CBD businesses, kratom, debt collection, online lending, and e-commerce to provide unparalleled stability.

Whether you’re just getting started or leading a legacy enterprise, we’re here to help you navigate change, scale your processing services with your business growth, and develop custom solutions for your business’s unique needs and regulatory requirements.


Our dedicated team cares about our clients as individuals and business owners.  It’s challenging to operate and grow a business, so we provide resources and support for our merchant clients.  With enough other concerns, you shouldn’t have to worry about your payment processing. (Especially if you’re in a high-risk industry.)  At VMS we give our customers a level of comfort, clarity, and peace of mind unrivaled in payment processing without downtime or disruptions.  If you want a payment processor that cares about you, contact us—we’re here to help!

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