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Payment Processing for your Kratom Business

Finding a reliable payment processing solution for Kratom can be challenging. Many payment processors shy away from Kratom merchants. At Valmar Merchant Services, we break the mold – we not only accept Kratom merchants, but we can also process payments for those selling both Kratom and CBD on their websites!


Why Choose Valmar?


We proudly serve diverse industries, including the often labeled “high-risk” sectors like Kratom. Our direct banking relationships ensure unmatched redundancy, translating to no downtime or disruptions for your business.

Transparent Pricing

Experience straightforward transactions with no hidden charges and no cancellation penalties. We believe in clear and honest pricing.

Exceptional Service

Say goodbye to call centers! Our Customer Success Team is always ready to assist you. Reach out to individuals who understand your business and are committed to providing exceptional service and support.

Compliance Expertise

Our experts hold certifications in risk and compliance. Stay ahead of regulatory changes with our team’s expertise and guidance.


Navigating the legal landscape for the dynamic Kratom industry can be challenging. Confusing regulations, varying state laws, and the high-risk classification make it difficult for Kratom businesses to secure reliable payment processing. We understand these unique challenges and offer tailored solutions.  Build a solid foundation for your Kratom business with Valmar Merchant Services.

Getting Started

Explore our payment processing solutions and choose the services that are right for you.

ACH Processing

ACH processing is a cost effective and efficient way of funding or receiving payments from your customers. Whether you utilize standard or same-day ACH originations, our solution will be tailored to fit your unique operational needs.

Debit/Credit Card Processing

Our direct banking partnerships allow us to cut out the middleman, and we pass that considerable savings of onboarding time and fees back to you. Get immediate access to all major gateways via API and start moving more money, fast.

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“I’ve worked with Valmar Merchant Services for quite some time and have never once felt like an afterthought as their team focuses on making sure my questions are answered quickly and needs are always met. We switched to Valmar because they make us feel like a partner rather than just another customer to be forgotten. Truly thankful to have chosen Valmar!”

CEO, I Love Growing

“Really appreciate having the team at Valmar to reach out to for questions or issues. They’re always eager to help. It wasn’t like that for us with our last processor.”

CEO, Empower Processing

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