Buy Online Pickup in Store is Here to Stay

Before the Covid pandemic my favorite restaurant near my house had the best fish fry in town and every Friday night I would order take out. I would have to call the phone number, then I verbally gave my order, most times it would take 3+ attempts to get past the busy signal (it's really good), then I verbally gave my credit card payment information (who knows if keyed in or written down), then I’m told an approximate time to arrive. In today’s world of technology I shook my head everytime I experienced something like this, and it happened often. Nowadays I order online, securely enter my credit card, and even get my food delivered to my car curb side most times. I say these time are here to stay.

Why do Customers Choose BOPIS

Consumers have their own reasons for choosing BOPUS. The top ones, according to iVend, are to avoid shipping charges (47 percent), to save time by not having to shop in-store (44 percent), and to pick up purchases on the same day (39 percent).

In addition, shoppers like being able to guarantee that an item is in stock before going to the store (38 percent) and to take their time when deciding what to purchase (38 percent). Finally, some consumers appreciate the ease of product returns (21 percent).

Meanwhile, consumers want choices beyond picking up products at the register: 63 percent want to try curbside pickup, 56 percent want to try delivery to the trunks of their cars and 50 percent want to try picking up purchases from a locker, according to the National Retail Federation’s most recent Winter Consumer View. Curbside pickup, especially, is undergoing explosive growth, with Walmart now offering this option at more than 2,000 stores and counting.

When you settle the batch at the end of your business day, simply submit an ACH file containing all the bank routing and account numbers to be debited, along with the corresponding transaction amounts. These transactions can be quickly and securely processed online using Valmar’s electronic payment gateway.

Why shop in store these days?

Need for BOPIS

The practice of offering Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store has grown as buyers become too busy to browse items in-store and are more comfortable purchasing online. Today, shoppers want choice and flexibility about how their orders to be fulfilled. They also want to be able to complete their purchases or make returns quickly and efficiently. Thus, BOPIS is key to deliver convenience by allowing customers to conveniently select which items they want to buy instantly, and which items are worth waiting for.

Also, it is significant for retailers, when it comes to BOPIS, to create convenience by enabling customers to complete purchases online or in-app, immediately selecting the time and store location to pick-up the purchased products. So, with real-time local inventory visibility at hand, shoppers can choose when and where to pick up their products.

Considering reports, around 67 percent of the US shoppers have utilized Buy Online Pick Up in Store method in the past six months. And it is predicted that nearly 10 percent of all sales will be fulfilled by Click and Collect by 2025.